who we are

An unforgettable emotion.

Which is born with the choice of stone, grows with the cut, explodes in the brilliance of your very personal diamond.

Yacobson was born to give you this emotion, in 1974, right in the heart of the precious stones market: Tel Aviv, where the headquarters is still located today.

From our headquarters in Milan, we are ready to reach you wherever it is most convenient, to let you discover our diamonds and allow you to realize the precious dream of creating a unique, totally personalized jewel.


In addition to our consolidated experience, we provide a GIA – Gemological Institute of America Report for each of our stones, which guarantees the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity.

By relying on us, you will also have the IGI guarantee, which certifies the largest variety of precious stones and jewelery items directly from the International Gemological Institute.

Upon request, we can also perform the Laser script directly on your precious stone, so that it can never, under any circumstances be replaced.


There is no fair and reliable sale without an accurate evaluation of the stone. We have always carried out professional assessments for individuals, always following the official directives regarding the quotation of diamonds, making use of the latest generation technologies as well as all our experience in the field of gemology.

Expert reports
Not only evaluations, but also appraisals of all kinds to verify the quality and authenticity of your stones and guarantee their price.

Custom Design

From the design you have in mind to reality.

Do you want a unique object that is only yours?
Ask our experts for the custom design service, with which you can forge your ideal jewel without limits and constraints: with us, your every wish becomes a splendid reality.

Come with your drawing or 3D cad: with the advice and skills of our best experts we will guide you starting from the choice of the most suitable stone up to the final creation of that absolutely unique jewel, an expression of your personality.


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